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Let’s go straight to the point; a pony is nothing more than a small horse that does not exceed 1.48 cms. It has a robust and rustic appearance, in fact, it is the ancestors of the current horse, that is to say that these developed from what the pony is.

There is a great variety of ponies, their build can vary a lot from one race to another and even a little their size. Up to 55 different types of pony breeds have been described, ranging from the smallest as shetlan that can measure between 70 and 110 cm at most.

Some have developed multiple blankets that have made them more resistant to the cold, this in order to protect themselves from the inclement weather during this season, but they have the ability to shed fur and thin these cloaks making them softer in the hottest times . Among these we highlight the Asturian pony, the Galician pony, the Potoca pony and the Garrano.

We have behind more known and popular breeds such as the Wales pony, the dala pony, and the Iceland pony that have a complexion, coat and mane much more similar to that of the horse, as we normally know it.


In relation to the horse, our little friends require some special care in addition to that required by a horse. A peculiarity of ponies is their gluttony. While a horse released on a pasture tends to eat approximately 2% of its weight per day, ponies eat 3.4% of their weight per day on grass.

If on average they weigh over 100 kilos, that makes a total of almost 3.5 kilos of grass per day! If the grass is of poor quality, they eat even more. This is important, because overeating involves constant weight gain, leading to obesity. And what is worse, a high risk of laminitis or infosura, a very serious hoof disease that is closely related to the diet.

Therefore, leaving a pony on the grass for 24 hours is a risky management practice. It is preferable to keep it in an area without grass or in the block most of the time, allowing it to consume low-energy quality food in that space, and to graze about 3 or 4 hours a day.

It’s also important for you to know that because they have a shorter intestine than horses, they are more predisposed to impaction – their stool is drier and they may have trouble passing it. They also have a higher incidence of colic than their older siblings. Providing them with fresh grass, and moistening the grain and feed if you give it, can help prevent this problem.

As for accessories, they are used by horse employees in relation to daily care and handling. You will only have to choose special accessories in terms of riding, measuring the corresponding anatomical area very well so as not to make mistakes, and carefully monitor the size you select in case you want to buy a cape.


It is not surprising then, that so many passions were born around this beautiful creature, so much so, that in 2010 an animated series was carried out that achieved a resounding success and won the love of both adult and child audiences. My Little Pony is a reflection of the characteristics of this beautiful animal, companionship, loyalty and tenderness together in an animated character.

The ponies, those horses that captivate us with enormous tender eyes, have managed to incorporate into the series with more than 170 characters, such as spike, rarity, twilight, rainbow, dash, pinki pie, fluttershy and appleejack, and these are just some of the characters, which today remain valid despite the 10 years that have passed since their birth.

Mlp the magic of friendship

But not everything is tenderness around our little horses; Although, in the series, specifically in mlp the magic of friendship, we can also see the transition that magical creatures make to a human form.

And just as programs for children based on our equine friend emerged, for the small screen with entertainment industry providers such as nexflit, in the beginning of 2020, the Jeff Baena movie called “Horse girl” was released, based on a girl with notable problems in integrating into society, but with an immense love and affinity for art and horses. In fact Sara, the protagonist has a strong obsession with her horse “Willow”. The Nexflit movie has been received with very good reviews, since the plot is quite interesting, when the protagonist is involved in a series of meaningless events that make her think that she is losing her mind, or if she has really been victims of abductions aliens or time travel. It is worth seeing.

2020 American psychological drama film directed and produced by Jeff Baena, from a script by Baena and Alison Brie. It stars Brie, Debby Ryan, John Reynolds, Molly Shannon, John Ortiz, and Paul Reiser.