How to train a horse

Once you have learned the basic training of your little horse, you are ready to advance to the next level. We will tell you the step by step to be able to tame it, with much patience, love and respect.


Leg performance is a specific type of dressage that underlies a few more movements. In horses, leg movement results in a slightly diagonal movement as the horse moves to the side and forward when pressure is applied to his leg or crop. You will train your pony to do the same. First, you will teach leg performance as your pony walks, the slowest gait. You can train for faster steps in the future. If you want your pony to yield to the left, apply tension to the right rein to keep your pony in a straight line. Move the right side of the pony with the crop / whip so that it yields to the left. Reverse these movements to train your pony to yield to the right.


If you want to guide your pony from behind, you will have to teach it to drive, and the sooner you do it, the better! Driving is essential for pony ponies. When you need your pony to slow down, you can apply pressure to both reins and then release them. Your pony may require you to repeat this. More pressure means a faster / slower stop and signals your pony to drop gear (from canter to canter for jogging and walking). If you want your pony to slow down gradually and without losing pace, use less pressure.

The previous description, both basic and advanced, are techniques that you must apply constantly and repetitively, in this way the little horse will gradually learn and get used to your orders and all the accessories you need to be able to ride it. Remember that Pony specifically tend to have a more spirited character, so it may take a little longer. It is all a matter of putting a lot of love and respect in him, since once he trusts you, he will allow you to advance more quickly in his training.

Keep in mind, that these indications are only for the initial training of the horse, if you require a training or jumping technique, or some type of particular step, I recommend that you spend time reading more specialized books on the subject, this It will prevent you from injury, or injury to your pony, or from improvising, it is better to previously study the technique in a theoretical way and then go to put it into practice on the ground, with all the fundamentals.

This figure that I show you here is an outline with the 6 steps of dressage. This process can take up to 6 years to bring the horse or pony to a very advanced level.

I encourage and go for it. ยกHA YO SILVER!