Top 6 songs inspired by horses

And is that this is a special place for horse lovers, and the music could not be left out; because in this art they are also our muse. Here I leave you with the top 6 of the best songs of all time inspired by our equine friend. These soliped herbivores have made life a little easier for us, they are such intelligent animals,  and noble, haughty and faithful like few others, that’s why I called him the second best friend of man … and I say second because not all of us can have a horse at home … anyway … as the saying goes: horse who loves the owner, even breathes like him.


And for me this is number one, a beautiful love song of Popular music by Roberto Torres; If you want to get melancholic, sit and listen to it. Here is a phrase … “They give him a horse because he is old and tired” But they don’t realize that a heart is tied ‘ When they let go of the rein It’s horse runaway .

LA POTRA ZAINA-Juan Vicente Torrealba.

This is its original lyrics in Spanish, it is part of the popular music in Colombia, and it was the chorus of a beautiful and romantic love novel many years ago, I leave you a part of the verse in Spanish, and what more or less you want say in english.

Les contaré señores
La historia muy bonita
De linda potranquita
Con ojos soñadores

Colita de caballo
Andar pasi trotero
De crines muy hermosas
Corría por los esterosEra una potra muy singular
No conocía el amor
No conocía corral
No conocía bozal
Solo quería vivir
Por el palmarEra la potra zaina
La flor de la llanura
Caballos y potrones
Sufrían por su hermosura

“I will tell you gentlemen the very nice story Of cute filly, with dreamy eyes, horse tail Pasi trotero, of very beautiful mane, ran through the estuaries It was a very unique filly I didn’t know love I didn’t know corral I didn’t know muzzle I just wanted to live By palmar It was the filly zaina The flower of the plain Horses and colts They suffered for its beauty”

Well, more or less that would be

WILD HORSES (The Rolling Stones)

1971 One of the great ballads of the British band, composed in 1969 but published on the essential album Sticky Fingers (1971) two years later, with beautiful packaging designed by Andy Warhol for one of the most legendary covers of rock. The Stonian legend tells that it was Keith Richards who felt like a wild horse when he had to leave his son Marlon to go on tour with the band. However, there is another reading according to which Mick Jagger rewrote a large part of the lyrics to reflect his feelings about the breakup with Marianne Faithfull, his girlfriend at the time, without forgetting the usual references to the topic of drugs (horse is the meaning used for heroin). Metaphorical horses and symbolism aside, we find ourselves before one of the best songs by the Stones, surrounded by extreme sensitivity and which was re-recorded in acoustic format for his album Stripped (1995), in addition to being the subject of numerous later versions. Equine nectar.

BABIECA HIEDE (Los Ganglios). 2014

Equine musical surrealism. The Extremaduran-Swedish trio, champion of porc music, pay homage in this cheeky song to one of the most famous horses in history. Babieca stinks does not leave you indifferent, or you instantly hate her or you fall surrendered to the absurd and you cannot stop humming her medieval techno and her impossible verses endlessly: Forage in the morning, carrot at noon and after the battle … sugar! . Authors of several internet classics of recent years, such as L.O.L, Soy el Papa negro or Eres mutante, our equine theme was included in their latest album Lubricante (2014). The video clip of the song, something that is usually taken care of a lot in Los Ganglios, is a maddening succession of images related to El Cid Campeador, the horses and the Middle Ages everywhere. Tighten the straps, we’re leaving …

BRING ON THE DANCING HORSES (Echo & The Bunnymen). 1985

Liverpool did not only leave a distinguished quartet. In the eighties and nineties, one of the most perfectionist bands in history triumphed unquestionably thanks to the charismatic Ian McCulloch, the essential Echo & The Bunnymen. Authors of true works of pop goldsmithing, in 1985 they included the excellent unpublished song Bring on the dancing horses in the compilation Songs to learn & sing. Dancing horses ?, the strange lyrics of the song allow this and other metaphorical licenses on a misty psychedelic background, a beautiful melody and a catchy chorus: Bring on the dancing horses, wherever they may roam, shiver and say the words, of every lie you’ve heard. The theme featured a curious and dreamlike video clip directed by the renowned silhouette-based Anton Corbijn, in which even a cow appears among the disturbing horses that accompany the musicians. Thirty years of galloping now for a song that is still tasted like the first day.

 A HORSE WITH NO NAME (America).1971

Originally named Desert song, London band America’s first single was also their first big hit, and one of their most memorable songs. A horse with no name triumphed more on the other side of the Atlantic than in Europe, despite being vetoed by some radio stations for their alleged references to drug use (something they always denied); in 1972 it reached number one on the American lists and second place on the British. The song narrates a trip to the desert in search of our origins and our destiny, a mystical introspection written by Dewey Bunnell, inspired by a trip he made to visit his family in Arizona, where the same desert that John Wayne rode one day left him impressed. With acoustic instrumentation in the vein of Neil Young or Crosby, Stills & Nash (oddly enough, the song pushed Young’s Heart of gold from number one), the song is loaded with epic and elaborate vocal harmonies that help us on our own journey inside, like a nameless horse unable to find its destiny.

I hope you liked this selection of songs inspired by our wheelies, do you have any other in mind that we can add?