You my dear brony, lover of my little pony, you are a human being full of amability, and emotional stability, you are open to live new experiences, and you have captured many of these good values, being a follower of the series.

This makes you a special human being, capable of seeing things that perhaps not everyone can, you still keep your soul as a child, and they are precisely the children who in their innocence and your nobility can transmit those values.

That is why you identify with the series and its protagonists, and for that I want to congratulate you; Let go of the people who point you out, or call you weird, because really in a world like today, rescuing people with good values ​​is the real task, so i encourage you to continue preserving that innocence that leads you to connect with our MLP friends.

Since I know that many of you spend your time creating art based on the series, such as music, sculptures, drawings and many other objects, you should be a source of appreciation due to the amount of contributions made by you. In other words, thanks to you, my little pony has the recognition and reach that it has today. And it can’t be any other way, since we are here to share the beautiful values ​​that this whole community and the characters transmit to us.


A true Brony will never miss, to the many conventions that are held every year (especially in the USA, the birthplace of the series). This is a great time to share with the members of the community and take a nice memory with you. I imagine you must have a great collection! Or that you are preparing for a new convention.



In My Little Pony we have more than 173 characters, of the protagonists we have Twilight Sparkle, Spike, the dragon, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Starlight Glimmer, I’m sorry if you forget to name one that you consider important. Tell me, which is the favorite for you? or which one do you feel most identified with?


MY LITTLE PONY: PONY LIFE will be a new animated series produced by Hass Allspark Animation, and will be launched in 2020, with a very robust product line inspired by the series and available in selected HASBRO stores.

According to the directives of the series, magic will be brought to life with all the new ways of playing, so that fans can experience magic through new products. We hope fans of all ages will enjoy exploring a fun new side of friendship and all the new magical story MY LITTLE PONY: PONY LIFE has to offer as it prepares for the release of Paramount’s new MY LITTLE PONY movie on the 24th. September 2021. “

MY DEAR BRONY: surely there was no special place for you before, ¿right? that you felt misunderstood, ¿right? Well, you do not have to worry, here you find a space that is totally designed for you. Feel free to show who you are. Don’t be afraid orembarrassed. Here we accompany you in everything. Here you will find everything you need about my little pony.
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¡Let’s celebrate it¡


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