The following list represents the protagonists of the MLP series the magic of friendship, remember that around the series there are a large number of characters. In this article we divide them into the main two, protagonists and antagonists of the series.

In the same direction in which they appear in the grid below, each of the protoganists is listed with their descriptions; after spike a sire of antagonists appears, of the caules we will describe some.


1.Twilight Sparkle 👈go there

It is the main protagonist. She started out as a unicorn pony (and since season three is Alicorn) with a light purple body and an indigo mane with pink and purple stripes just like her tail. Her best friend is Spike, and her best friends are Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Applejack. Twilight wasn’t originally sociable, he was, until he got to Ponyville. During the first 3 seasons of the series she was a student of Princess Celestia, and she is continuously reporting through the Friendship reports, during her experience in different adventures. Normally it is quiet, but sometimes it can be unstable. He really likes to read and study, since he is almost always doing it. She has the ability of magic, like all unicorn ponies except that it is her special talent, and she is always trying to practice some new trick, learning it by reading. She does a lot of spells so that Ponyville is in good stability. Represents the Element of Magic

2.Rarity 👈go there

She is a unicorn pony who designs fabulous dresses for all her friends, for her sales and for her. He has clothing lines and designs them for celebrities too. Its body is white and a royal purple mane like its tail. She uses her magic to look for jewels and these can be used in her most expensive dresses. She is the most refined of her group of friends, and works as a fashion designer, wanting to become a famous dressmaker in the future. She is usually vain and likes to be praised for what she does, sometimes becoming somewhat annoying, but deep down she has a big heart. He doesn’t like getting dirty and always

3.Rainbow Dash 👈go there

She is a pegasus pony dedicated to improving the climate of Ponyville. It has a sky blue body and a multi-colored mane just like its tail. He lives in the kingdom of clouds, Cloudsdale, and is in charge of clearing the sky of Ponyville and that the weather is kept in good condition. Ever since she was a colt, she loved racing and always tries to create new stunts in the air. One of those stunts is the Sonic Rain-Plosion, caused by flying very fast and giving rise to a beautiful rainbow. Rainbow tends to show off her talents and be competitive, but she’s also a loyal friend. Also, he sometimes likes to joke around with Pinkie Pie. She is a huge fan of The Wonderbolts and always tries to impress them with some of her stunts. Represents the Element of Loyalty

4.Pinkie Pie 👈go there

She is a terrestrial pony, she has a positive attitude, she is very partying and fun. It has a pink body and a magenta mane like its tail. She is quite hyperactive, and is always happy. He loves to party and eat candy. Also, she is very good at playing several instruments at once, and has a sixth sense, which alerts her if something bad is going to happen. Despite being happy and very outgoing, she sometimes gets angry or insecure when her friends hide something from her. He lives on the top floor of Sugarcube Corner, where Mr. and Mrs. Cake work below. She is very talkative and “very changeable”. Represents the Element of Laughter.

5.Fluttershy 👈go there

She is a pegasus pony, shy and apart from that she is a little afraid of heights, being a little ironic being a pegasus and flies only when she needs it. It has a yellow body and a pink mane like its tail. She is a pegasus, like Rainbow Dash, but unlike her, she does not like racing, and she is not usually a good flyer, so she prefers to be with her friends, animals, living on earth. She is the most timid, calm and kind of her group of friends, and she is almost always sensitive and a little cowardly, but sometimes she also gets angry, even imposing fear. He has a pet rabbit named Angel. Represents the Element of Goodness.

6.Applejack 👈go there

She is an earth pony who wears a cowboy hat. It has an orange body and a blonde mane just like its tail. He lives and works with his entire family and his pet, his dog Winona, in Sweet Apple Acres, harvesting apples. She has a reliable character, as well as being cheerful, but sometimes she can be quite proud. She is enthusiastic about what she does and is a good friend, contradicting Rarity’s tastes, she does not like to put on makeup or wear ornate dresses, but it does not make friendship difficult. She is usually patient, but sometimes not so much, due to rude or competitive behaviors. It also comes from a large family of members related to the name “Apple”, they are in charge of an apple orchard that they manage at the same time. Represents the Element of Honesty.

7. SPIKE 👈go there

A young dragon, purple and green in color. He is Twilight’s assistant and his best friend. He is secretly in love with Rarity. His birth is shown in a memory of Chronicles of Friendship. He grows rapidly as shown in Attack of Greed. He prefers to hang out with ponies more than those of the same species. In Learning to Grow Forward, acquire new wings and the ability to fly.

Each two-part episode at the end or at the beginning of the season featured a main villain, who is usually beaten at the end of the second part. Each season begins with a two-part episode, and the second and fourth seasons end with the two-part episodes, except for the first season, and the third, which ended with the episodes The Best Night in History, and Magic Cure and Mysterious respectively, or even the seventh season, which began with the Celestial Council episode. The list of characters that we will present below refer to some of the antagonists that appeared throughout the season.

I propose a game to you. If you are a true mlp fan, point out which of the villains I mention here in the grid.

DISCORD: He is the main antagonist of the second season in the premiere of The Return of Harmony, Part 1. It arises when his stone prison is broken by the Lack of Harmony that causes chaos to reign in Ponyville. It corrupts the six main ponies and they become the opposite of their respective elements, but once their elements are restored they turn it into stone again with the Elements of Harmony. Later at the request of Princess Celestia, he is released from his stone prison by the main characters and reformed by Fluttershy into Patience and Friendship.Él es el antagonista principal de la segunda temporada en el estreno de El Regreso de la Armonía, Parte 1. Surge cuando es rota su prisión de piedra por la Falta de Armonía que hace que el caos reine en Ponyville. Corrompe a las seis ponis principales y ellas se vuelven lo contrario de sus respectivos elementos, pero una vez restaurados sus elementos lo convierten en piedra nuevamente con los Elementos de la Armonía. Más tarde a petición de la Princesa Celestia, es liberado de su prisión de piedra por las personajes principales y reformado por Fluttershy en Paciencia y Amistad.

STARLIGHT GLIMME: appears as the main antagonist of the fifth season in the first and last two-part episodes. She is reformed by Twilight Sparkle by solving her problem about Cutie Marks.

COZY GLOW: It is a small pegasus that made its debut in Academic Merit. She was from there a supporting character and later the main antagonist of the end of the eighth season in the premiere of School Chaos – First and Second Part. She is a former student of the Twilight Sparkle School of Friendship, currently imprisoned in Tartarus along with her superior, Tirek.

NIGHTMARE MOON: She is the main antagonist of Season One in the premiere of The Magic of Friendship, Part 1. She was originally Princess Luna, possessed by being upset that night was not valued as day, and her main goal was to make of eternal night. She is defeated by Twilight Sparkle and her friends with the Elements of Harmony, in addition, in the end they return her to her natural state (that of Princess Luna) and also appears in Princess Twilight Sparkle, Parts 1 and 2.

SHADOW KING: He is the main antagonist of the premiere Season 3 of The Crystal Empire, Part 1, he is an evil unicorn trying to re-enslave the Crystal Empire, and is defeated by the Crystal Heart and the love of the inhabitants of the Empire. He had planned to hide the Crystal heart so that he could enslave the inhabitants again after his return making them not remember anything subsequent to their slavery, but he is finally defeated by Spike, returning the Crystal Heart to its original place and the Crystal Ponies who also make the heart protect the Empire.

QUEEN CHRYSALIS: She is the main antagonist of the season two finale, A Wedding at Canterlot, Part 1 and the season six finale, Round Trip – Part One. She is the queen of the Changelings and is the one who feeds on Shining Armor’s love for Princess Cadance, posing as her. She is later defeated when Shining Armor and Cadance meet again and use the power of their love to send her and her Simulators away from Canterlot. Later, she captures all of Equestria’s most powerful ponies, including Twilight and company; but she was defeated by Starlight Glimmer, Thorax, and the rest of their simulators, so she vows to Starlight that he would take revenge on her for her defeat.

RECTOR NEIGHSAY: He appears as the main antagonist of the eighth season in the premiere of Aventura Escolar – Primera y Segunda Parte. He is the head of the Equestria Education Association, or AEE, a board of academics that oversees all schools in Equestria.

AND? Were you able to guess what the characters are? You have to study them a little more then if you couldn’t identify them all. It’s what a real Brony would do.