Pony Characteristics

The pony is a small horse, in fact the International Equestrian Federation only takes into account this criterion to consider that a horse is a pony; This is why the regulations establish that any horse with a height that does not exceed 1.48 meters falls into this category.

When they are well trained they turn out to be very useful for children to learn horse riding. But despite their size, they are very strong, so they are also used for people with disabilities, even if they are adults. The shetlan being the smallest of the existing pony, with a height of about 70 cm.

The ponies of some races show complexion and features similar to those of dwarfism: such as a large head, a long back and very short legs; they look like dwarf horses. Well, actually according to regulations, they are dwarf horses. There are ponies of other species that resemble common horses in shape and retain their proportions.


There are different pony breeds, such as exmoor, Welsh, shetlan and asturcon; There are a wide variety of pony breeds, among the smallest we have •

Pony of the Americas.

  • Pony Landés
  • Pottoka.
  • Pony Caspiano.
  • Pony from the mountains of Wales.
  • Dartmoor Pony.
  • Pony Shetland.
  • Falabella.

We will dedicate a separate article describing each of the races with their special characteristics.

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Remember that it is always important to consult your vet first, he is the most suitable to give you the corresponding instructions. CLIC HERE👈

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