The dressage process must be gradual and carried out with delicacy, patience and above all a lot of respect; you have to get used to all the mounting elements little by little, for them we must gradually familiarize them with them.

Along with cats and dogs, horses are one of the animals that have accompanied humans the longest, and as we have read in one of our other articles, ponies have accompanied us for much longer; therefore, the character of the pony is usually more spirited, so we must double our patience if we want to tame it without damaging it.


The first thing we must do is create a bond with our Pony, the ideal is to gain their trust first and make them feel in a safe area. This process is essential to make him understand that we are not a threat to him and that he can rest easy. For this we can resort to different methods when caressing it and having direct contact with it; You can start by calling it with soft sounds and clicks or whistles. You can talk to him very softly and gently, without making very loud or sudden sounds that can scare or alert him.

Never go near it without it allowing you to approach it of your own free will; always observe body language. The ideal in this case is that the equine approaches by itself and greets you with affection, a show of confidence on his part will be that he will bow his head towards you.

Nor do I advise you to hit or intimidate him in any way. With these actions you are only delaying the process of how to tame the pony, and even making the situation worse; As I said in the beginning, you should always treat him with respect and politeness. Also remember that the animal must observe you at all times, so never get behind it, this can be dangerous too.

To further strengthen the bond, try giving it some grass and water while stroking it. The animal will associate this action with a good will and will be more submissive. Once you think you’ve earned their trust, it’s time to move on to the next stage.

Second step -TAMING DE PONY

This stage consists of getting him used to the riding team👀 so that he becomes familiar and does not get nervous having everything on top. Likewise, it is about teaching him to obey orders and to follow us.

We started, getting used to the halter, which is the piece that will go on its muzzle and head and which will allow us to maneuver with agility. It’s not good to put it on right away, so let it smell the piece, watch it, and get familiar with it initially before putting it on your head.

When you think it is convenient, check that you are already comfortable with it. If you notice that the animal is calm, this will be a good sign, but if on the contrary it is restless or impatient, it is recommended to withdraw it immediately and wait to try it at another time. Don’t push it.

With each of the ❤elements you need❤ to be able to maneuver or assemble it, you must follow the same process, the flange, the mouthpiece and the pieces of the eyes. Once you manage to place each of the pieces, it is time to continue to the next phase.


By accustoming him to the rein we will get him to obey us without him feeling obliged to follow us. Rather, we seek to create the guiding vision in you. Try guiding him a few meters in a circle without forcing him to do so and without raising your voice. Always remember without pressure. At the same time I recommend you start giving him some command voices, so that he understands when to stop and when to move, among other actions. Once you think it’s convenient, it’s time to move on to the last stage

Fourth step -TAMING THE PONY

Just like we have done with the other items, the seat and saddle you should let him get familiar with, and so let him smell and examine them. In the case of the saddle, you should not leave it on the horse the first time, but let him know that it is on his back. Never adjust the straps to the maximum the first time you put them on. This will only scare the horse and hinder the process; The pressure should be adjusted little by little and over time to prevent this from happening. Once you are able to use all the equipment and can get on it, you must repeat the process as many times as necessary so that the pony finishes familiarizing itself with all the process and equipment👀, and naturalizes this practice.