The series takes place in Equestria, which is a distant planet ruled by horses, which have different characteristics such as speaking, flying, and the power to use magic. The plot is centered on Twilight Sparkle and her pet, who is a so-called dragon, her planet is ruled by Celestia, who is the Goddess and representative of all Ponies.

One fine day, Twilight Sparkle, immersed in reading, discovers a prophecy that said that Nightmare Moon, the evil sister of Celestia who was locked in the moon, would return and destroy Equestria. Twilight immediately informs Princess Celestia, but she, somewhat incredulous and thinking that maybe she was spending a lot of time between the books, tells her that she should start making friends, so she sends her along with Spike to Ponyville, to help in the organization of the festival that is done in his honor.

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When they arrive in Ponyville they meet several ponies, the first is applejack on their farm. And then Rainbow Dash, Pinki pie, rarity, and Flutershy. During the festival celebration Nightmare Moon appears, fulfilling the prophecy, and the 6 ponies unite to defeat her, combining their powers to destroy her.

Celestia appears and decides that Twilight has to stay and make friends with the other ponies. From there the group of new friends will dedicate themselves after each episode to living magical and disturbing adventures, where in addition to sharing the everyday things of friendship, they will be in charge of destroying the new villains that arise after each episode. Celestia has since commissioned Twilight to send her. a report on the things he learns from friendship and all the values ​​he collects there. Since then, Twilight and her inseparable pet Sparkle have lived in Ponyville.