And if you are thinking of taking your love and passion to another level, and what you want is to take it with you always, even in your car, your bed and your shower. Well, what better demonstration of love than tattooing it indelibly on your skin. I assure you that it will never leave you. I made a selection of the best tattoo designs on the net, with their meaning. Maybe I can help you in this difficult selection.

In general terms, the horse is a symbol of: Nobility (especially white horses)

. Freedom

. Grace

. Strength

. Courage

. Fertility and Renaissance

. Power

. Intelligence

. Beauty

. Company

. Death (black horses).

So you should think carefully about what is the feeling you want to capture in the image of the steed that you are going to make on your skin.

There are a wide variety of designs, ranging from realistic printing to slightly more magical and mystical versions. It all depends on the context in which you want to put it. Since they were introduced in the early 18th century by European settlers, equine cattle farming has been one of the highlights of the American Plains tribes.

The color of its coat is an aspect that we should not overlook especially if what we are going to do is tattoo it. For example, it is no coincidence that fairy tales abound in stories about knights who, on the back of their white horses, ride to rescue a distressed damsel; On the other hand, the black horse is seen in many traditions as a symbol of bad omen. You also have to see the cultural approach.


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The word “pegasus” is said to mean lightning, illumination and as a symbol it means the same as a horse. A horse is always loyal, tough and fast, but it has other characteristics thanks to its wings, which give it similar meanings to some birds. For example, we can add that it also represents freedom and a mind, heart and spirit always on the rise, flying.

The most common meaning of unicorn tattoos is to represent “everything good in life.” It is considered a symbol of good luck and although it is used by some men it is considered a very feminine image. … Unicorn tattoos are also a symbol of ‘purity’ and ‘virginity’.

Here I leave you some wall stickers that maybe can serve as inspiration, and while you dare to do it on your skin, you can put it in the meantime on your wall and decorate your room, full of things of little horses everywhere.