There are so many qualities that horses have, that even in many of the big brands they use it as a figure for their logos and to identify their products; For example, it is well known that in the automobile industry, this animal became the emblematic seal of one of the classics that Ford managed to introduce to the market, and I imagine that you must already know who I am talking about, right? And who has not dreamed of a Mustang; this line of vehicles was based on the characteristics of this breed of horse, speed, agility and strength, despite the size they have, in short, it was an overwhelming concept very well achieved in the vehicle. We can even find accessories such as this jacket that refers to the emblematic Ford vehicle.


Of course, we cannot leave out one of the most recognized vehicle brands, and that for obvious reasons they could not leave the horse out of their image; Ferrari is another of the brands that uses it clearly and imposingly, with the concept of speed and lightness.

They also dared to launch a very interesting line of products, and of course as a central figure, they carry their logo, that yellow shield with a black Mustang on it. In addition, it seems that their brands have been so successful that they are now perceived as a lifestyle that is why so many product lines were developed around them.

But, why do they use it in the auto industry?

As I mentioned before, the idea of ​​this type of image is to transmit speed and freedom mainly, and what better way to do it than a horse. That is why it is also common for us to see it in sports items, such as clothing, accessories, equipment, etc.

Even it is also used in the liquor industry, these usually include in their image a stallion to transmit to the consumer the high quality of the product and the adherence to traditions, as was used by White Horse, and the Mustang brand of cigarettes.

But not only do we see our equine friends in the automobile line, they also made their way in the fashion industry, proof of them is the line of POLO BY RALPH LOREN and BURBERRY LONDON, where you can see how their logo is The figure of the horse ridden by its rider and its logos are so involved in the market that it is only enough to see this little horse to know who it is clearly representing.

It should be noted that in addition to the characteristics of speed, strength and freedom to develop these brands, the concepts of loyalty, durability and pure beauty have been taken from the image of our ponies. This is how makeup brands such as PONY EFFECT have successfully entered the market and the beauty industry.

And what about the children’s industry, which, with television shows, movies and a large line of products ranging from toys to the fashion industry, have managed to steal the hearts of both boys and adults, and this is the case. from our friends My Little pony; But we will not talk much about them here, since I have dedicated an exclusive section to them on this website.

As we can, my dear lovers of ponies and horses, it has been known to take good advantage of these equine qualities and turn them into the hallmarks of the brand they represent.

The truth is that around this beautiful specimen we can associate everything we can think of. In particular, I am a horse lover and the number of objects that are related to it are thousands and thousands. If not, how about this clothing brand that has a line of products made for us! Look what beautiful clothes, I want them all for me. Take a look I am sure you are going to fall in love with one of them. And the best thing is that they are of excellent quality, that’s why I recommend them. Especially if they are in times of cold my dear pony lovers.