It is well known that hidden stories, the cruel part, and unreported facts always appear out of nowhere around all the greatest hits; And it seems that not even our equestrian friends are saved from it. The truth is that, and in my view, when stars appear, envy does not usually stand still, and unscrupulous people weave a large number of stories to overshadow the brightness that a certain character is having.

If they take on the task of searching the web, they will realize that almost all the cartoons that have swept the screen, have a dark history woven behind them, and not because they are real, but because the need for competition or someone who is left behind. Outside of the project, they do not wait, and they begin just as the villains of the animated do, to try to destroy the image of who today shines with his own light. I even think that this story was also woven to somehow attack the Bronie community, a fact that seems unfortunate to me. People are capable of discrediting and harming others because they cannot cope with their own existence. Here I leave you then the urban myth that arose, around the MLP.


In North Carolina, on January 18, 1989, 6 girls who went to the same school die from different causes the same day.

Samantha Wales was the perfect inspiration for fluttershy, a sweet and loving girl who was physically abused by her mother and stepfather, her mother was young and had given birth to her at a very young age. Because of the mistreatment the girl used to be very shy and withdrawn. In the end he ends up committing suicide.

Janice Walter, would be the perfect inspiration for Rarity, being one of the most popular, intelligent and beautiful of the school, and having a very privileged social and economic position, suffering constant arguments from her parents, dreamed of being a fashion designer and ends up dying in a traffic accident when fleeing from those discussions.

Raimbow dash, would be inspired by Alexandra Matheus, was a girl from a very well sustained family and was the best in sports, she obtained a lot of recognition and prestige for it, at some point in her sports career she starts taking steroids that end up taking her away life in one of his careers, as he had an undiagnosed heart failure that worsened with the taking of these.

Jamie Sanders inspired Applejack, who was a peasant like the character, was extremely hardworking, and had the responsibility of taking care of all her siblings after the death of her parents. Jaime dies after falling from a chipper.

Pinkie pie was based on Katherin Jackson, who was an adoptive daughter who was transferred from one house to another without finding a family. Her father would have murdered her mother when she was just 5 years old, which left her marked for life and caused a psychiatric disorder that ends up pushing her from a building with one of the voices that told her to launch that she could fly.

And finally, Twilight sparkle appears inspired by Cinthya Little, who was extremely brilliant and stood out as a genius girl among her peers, obtaining the recognition of prestigious academies. She succumbed to the pressure of being the best and when she was discovered cheating on an exam, she decided to hang herself so as not to assume the shame of what she had done.

Those 6 are the individual stories of each one of the girls who in theory would have inspired the author to create the characters, and who ultimately in the MLP story all manage to be happy. The truth is that, reading many other sites on the web, I found this same story with different versions and with different names. Which leads me to think that it is only a trick to dull the brightness of the pony stars.